Reach Out for Warmth Program

Reach Out for Warmth is a state wide fuel fund administered by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning through local energy assistance programs.

The Reach Out For Warmth funds assist households below 60% of the state median income who have energy related emergencies such as a pending disconnect or interruption of fuel because of medical costs, emergencies or abrupt loss of household income. Most of the time these dollars are used to help people that are just over the fuel assistance guidelines.

Energy Related Repair Under Reach Out for Warmth

Homeowners who qualify for Reach Out For Warmth may also be eligible for up to $300.00 in additional Reach Out for Warmth assistance specifically for energy related repairs. Eligible repairs are limited to the primary heating system in the household. Use the income guidelines up above to see if you qualify. If you do qualify or if you have a question, contact Prairie Five C.A.C., Inc. at (320)269-6578.