Self Sufficiency Program

Family Development

The Family Development Program strives to assist individuals to become self-supporting. The main emphasis of Prairie Five’s Family Development Program is presently advocacy/listening and referrals and budgeting.

FAIM (Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota)

Also known as Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) This program helps Minnesota low-wage earners build assets through home purchase, secondary education (for the applicant or an eligible child) or starting a small business.

Account holders save funds, up to $480 per year, which is matched at a 3:1 rate for two years. Account holders must complete financial management classes and specific asset building classes in order to receive match funds.


Must have incomes below 200% of the poverty guidelines in order to qualify for enrollment in the FAIM program.

Funds are limited to the number an agency agrees to administer.

Income Guidelines:

Household Size Income
1 $20,420
2 $27,380
3 $34,340
4 $41,300
5 $48,260
6 $55,220
7 $62,180
8 $69,140